Henrik Kassow Andersson, a return client to Astove, left this trip with a proud total of 18 GT’s and a broken rod as testament to the one that got away. Lars Anderson, a guide who the group laughed at with his extra baggage weight in sunblock, was our GT champion of the week. Lars managed to land and secure the largest GT, measuring in at 110cm. A beautiful blue shaded fish that can make any angler tremble. With the tide in our favour and calm conditions, we were able to pole the atoll from the vantage point of the boat, this opened up vast opportunities. For the first time in Astove history, twins – Danny and Kenny Jones proved to us that with perseverance a picture perfect moment of double up GT’s was possible. On the last hour of the day, with their matching shorts, Kenny and Danny both had rods bent and the reels screaming. Kenny, voted angler of the week, took it home by landing two beautiful Moustache triggerfish whilst wading the gin clear surf, earning him a ‘Flats Slam’. Simon Solbrekk recorded a personal best of 18 GT’s landed, also managed his first ever bonefish whilst walking the white sandy flats. Peder Pederson, a man who now understands true Astove burn, was spoilt for choice, landing numerous bonefish and GT’s that made his fingers feel it later in the evening.  
With a fantastic week of GT fishing and great guests, the second week of our season flew by.
Giant Trevally: 81
Moustache Triggerfish: 2
Bonefish: 214