Thirteen GT were landed including the season’s best fish, a true giant of 123cm tamed by Marko Kallay on foot in the surf between Fallujah and St. Joe’s. This beast was miraculously landed after a reel failure. Congratulations to Marko for a fish of a lifetime. Donald Stewart also came tight to a 111cm fish while popping a fly on the outside west of Bijoutier. The finger flats were very productive yielding very cooperative moustache triggerfish with five being landed, two of which were caught by Cyril Bodnar.

The most remarkable oddity of the week goes to Alistair Crawford who landed a plus size Emerald parrotfish on La Passe finger after a bullish battle the fish was finally dislodged from a hole.

On the white sands of Guantanamo, one angler Matthias Kantorek managed to ‘tocuh gold’ by holding on to a 62cm Indo-Pacific permit.

The blue water fishing remained consistent and exciting as Richard Galling and Dave Hall doubled up on Sailfish to conclude their week.

Tight lines from the Alphonse Fishing Co.

Bonefish: 531

Giant Trevally: 13

Indo-Pacific Permit: 1

Moustache Triggerfish: 5

Sailfish: 2

Emerald Parrotfish: 1