Christian Kitchell and Lea Stendahl continued to produce on their second week with another “Flats Slam” consisting of a 95cm GT, moustache triggerfish, bonefish and a bonus dorado. Joining in on the trophy species was Kenneth Teague who managed a slightly different “Flats Slam” varied by a yellow margin triggerfish, while earlier in the week he also landed a super model 67cm permit.

Father and son team Alexey and Fedor Marchenkov boated two sailfish and later that same day, each caught bonefish to make for a “Double Bills & Bones Slam”. During their pursuit, Fedor tamed a 68cm Bluefin Trevally.

Other notable catches were accomplished by Thomas Stoddard with a 111cm GT fed and fought on Milky Way’s finger flats as well as Jakesy Hall who during the course of the week, bagged two GT and two Milkfish.

All anglers skillfully responded to the challenging conditions of the week and manifested yet another impressive catch return.

Tight Lines from the Alphonse Fishing Company Team.

Fly Caught Fish:

Bonefish: 247

Yellow Margin Triggerfish: 1

Moustache Triggerfish: 2

Bluefin Trevally: 25

Giant Trevally: 9

Milkfish: 5

Indo-Pacific Permit: 3

Yellowfin Tuna: 4

Dorado: 6

Sailfish: 3