We know there are many out there looking for some good trout fishing in Iceland for the 2017 season.  There fore we have put together a few really interesting packages for our clients for next summer both for sea run arctic char and brown trout. 
From 15th june until 03 july We can offer our clients  full board accommodation in our Salmon lodge while fishing for char on Midfjardara char beat or trout fishing up in the highlands.  


 Arnarvatnsheidi is a unique highland lake and stream complex on the Northern part of Arnarvatnsheiði, a sprawling moorland dotted with endless lakes, ponds, small streams, and the main attraction for most anglers would be the Austurá river with over 20 km of wonderful brown trout fishing .

Arnarvatnsheiði is a vast moorland, framed with a stunning panorama of mountain ranges and glaciers, the most notable being the Eiríksjökull, Iceland´s western highlands highest mountain. Its snowcap seems to stem from a dream world in the evenings when the setting sun seems to ignite the sprawling Ice fields.


You might encounter other anglers, but chances are you will not. You are likely to encounter though great wild life like Northern Divers, ptarmigans, Whooper swans and Arctic Foxes as well as a host of other sub-polar species. You will probably encounter swarms of midges as well so be prepared. They may be annoying but they lay the foundation to the sensational trout fishing. Then again, if you are blessed with a stiff wind, which is more than likely, then the midges will stay down in the vegetation.

Your guides will know exactly what to do and when to do it. Most of the char weigh from 1 to 3 pounds, while browns are most common weighing in at 2 to 4 pounds and individual browns weighing up to 8 to 10 pounds are caught most years


 The Midfjardara river arctic char beat


The Midfjardara has a private arctic char beat on the final three kilometers before it enters into the North Atlantic. The char beat is fished with 3 rods on a private beat. The beat is one of the few places in Iceland were you can fish for sea run arctic char with a good chance of hooking into a salmon or two.