The South East monsoon season is on its way and this week we saw the beginning of the prevailing off-season wind. A steady 12 to 18 knot wind throughout the week kept the water nice and cool and the fish hungry. Kicking off the week with a cold slow moving neap tide only meant that the spring tides later on in the week were going to bring big water movement at the perfect temperature.

The triggerfish fishing was very good, for some reason or other the fish seemed to be very hungry, as the variation in tides started getting greater we were able to spend more and more time out in the surf targeting triggers. Our triggerfish tamers for the week were Scott Recknor, Chris Jackson, Meredith McCord, Brandon Keck, Webster Ray, David Dragoo, Adam Deierling and Seth Koschak. Between them we managed 17 triggerfish, five yellow-margin’s and 12 moustache’s. A special mention must go to Brandon Keck who landed 3 triggerfish on the final day of the season.

Not only was the trigger fishing phenomenal but the GT’s also made an impressive appearance throughout the entire week. Scott Recknor managed to land a gorgeous 80cm fish off the edge of a finger flat. Doug Dragoo also got his own fish of 70cm. Brandon and Webster went on to double up in ankle deep water with Webster being handed a fish of 70cm and Brandon a fish of 90cm. The second double up of the week happened on the final day of our 2015/2016 season. This is a day that will be remembered by all involved.! Meredith McCord and Tom Collins jr. got introduced to a massive group of GT’s and lemon shark destroying bonefish on the white sand. Naturally a double hook up was in order and at the end of the ordeal Tom landed a very respectable 90cm fish. Meredith end of an almighty battle landing a Giant Trevally that measured a fork length all of 124cm. An incredible fish hooked with the leader in the rod tip on beautiful white sand. This is why fishermen come to places like this.  

Sadly Rick McCord passed away a few months ago after a long and hard fought battle. A true gentleman, an amazing friend to all who met him and a fantastic fly fisherman. He loved the Seychelles, spending many weeks with us on the flats at variety of our destinations. To make the day even more special Meredith sprinkled her fathers ashes in the St Francois, a place he loved and place that will keep him his memory alive.

An amazing final day of the season with the biggest GT landed and six triggerfish caught ended with the 60th Indo-Pacific permit of the Alphonse Island season. Yes that’s right, coming into this week the team were only four fish shy of the 60 mark. Tom helped us edge one closer to reaching that goal, Meredith did her part as well by landing a gorgeous big permit. Chris Jackson also got his fly in the right place and left us going into the last day of the season with one fish to go. The baton was passed to Brandon and in the last hour he made the shot that counted and got the job done. Netting permit number 60 at 14:57 on the 6th of May our last guiding day of the season, making this the most memorable season Alphonse Island has ever seen.

Until next season starts on the 1st Oct 2016, tight lines from the Alphonse fishing co. team.