Over a seven week season, 34 anglers were fortunate enough to make the dream come true and embark on an Astove adventure.  With the Seychelles feeling the full effect of the strongest El Nino event on record, the weather conditions, particularly in the first few weeks, made the fishing at times a real challenge. However, with the help of an excellent fishing guide team all of the guests were able to catch some very memorable fish.

At Astove there are a wide variety of species on offer but the Giant Trevally is the fish that every angler wants to catch. Over the seven week season there were a total of 195 GTs caught, with several anglers making it into double figures for their respective week. The magic one-metre mark was broken on numerous occasions, but the island saved the biggest fish to the final week when Rob Amoils landed an absolute whopper that stretched the tape to 132cm.

The season wasn’t just about GTs however. The magical Astove lagoon proved ideal for catching trophy bonefish with 7-8lb fish caught every week. Indo-Pacific Permit were also being seen regularly and several anglers managed to ‘touch gold’, with one week producing a remarkable 6 fish. Triggerfish proved to be tricky as usual but a couple were caught most weeks.

After a very unpredictable season everyone associated with Astove cannot wait to see what this unique little corner of the globe throws up next time.

Tight Lines from the Alphonse Fishing Co. team.