Alphonse Island Fishing News 21-28 March 2015 – Flat Calm Seas, Flats Grand Slam and 9lbs Bonefish  

The run of flat calm weather continued on from last week and so did the great fishing.  The GT’s were around in good numbers with fish being caught both on the flats and in the surf line. Joern Heiner managed to get a GT almost every day and Chantal Chone managed 2 GT’s in a single day. The Triggerfish were mostly on the pancake flats with Maria Mazura landing 2 Moustache Triggers in 2 consecutive days. The Milkfish turned up for a short period when guide Dave Marshall paddled over to a small group of feeding Milkfish only a few hundred yards from the moorings. After a few casts the line went tight and Bill Nevis kicked off the day by landing a 30lb Milkfish in under 40min.  The Bonefishing is a constant with anglers having incredible fishing.  The outstanding part of the bonefishing of late is that there have been some really big fish landed in the 8lbs range.  John Dale took it one step further by breaking this season’s Bonefish record with an estimated 9lb (72 cm) that was caught while tailing with its back out of the water. The angler of the week was John Dale when he went out and achieved his first “Flats Grand Slam” comprising of a good GT, a bunch of Bonefish and Giant Triggerfish.