This week we hosted again a great couple, Jane and Mel H. from Boulder, Colorado, USA. Paul D. and Peter W. from the UK had their first experience fishing for sea trout and they really loved it.
Unfortunately, Jean and Keith H. couldn't make it this year and cancelled due to health issues. They decided to go back to the UK, just before boarding the plane to Rio Grande. It was going to be their 12th week at La Villa de Maria Behety. Keith is better now, and they will come back next season. It was a bit strange not having Keith and Jean, and it was a week of only 4 anglers.
The good news is that week #10 was the best on quality and quantity of fish so far. A total of 96 fish were landed of which 29 were 15 pounds or more, it was a good week of fish over 20lbs, we had 5! The average weight was extraordinary, 11.2 lbs. the best in the last 3 years!
The water remained clear and its temperature was between 8° and 14°C (48° - 57° F). The river level is still low and dropping a bit every day. The weather was windier than normal, some days with gusts up to 100 kph, with air temperatures between 22° and 3°C (72° - 37°F).
Jane H. from the USA was the top rod with 32 fish, the best number for this season. She also had the biggest fish, a 25lb hen. Mel and Jane got 10 fish each over 15 lbs.
The highlight of the week: Mel H. landed two sea trout. Yes, he landed two sea trout with one fly, simultaneously. The 12lbs. was well hooked in the scissors... and the other one, a 10 lbs. had the tippet wrapped around the jaws. Unbelievable, but true!
Floating lines with skating flies or small tubes on top were a success, a great way to hook a sea trout. Peter W. had a great 13lb male, skating a tiny tube. Mel and Jane took some on green bombers.
Sinking lines (T-14) between 2.5ft and 10ft were the most used. The Sun-ray Shadow, EMB, Villa's Tarantula, Aurelia Prince, Egg Sucking Leech, Scuds, micro-tubes and small nymphs on strong #12 and #14 hooks were the best flies.