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  • Alphonse Island Fishing 29 Oct ­ 4 Nov 2016 - Monster GT's and Milks!


    Alphonse Island is probably the world’s premier destination for consistently targeting Milkfish on fly. The sight of a group of daisy-chaining milkfish will even have the most experienced anglers weak at the knees. With a slight reduction in wind speed and calming seas, the guide team had a brief window of opportunity to target these extremely powerful yet finicky fish.
    This week saw a full seven skiffs out in St Francois lagoon. With favorable weather conditions throughout the majority of the week and big spring tides, the stage was set for long walks around the surf zone targeting a plethora of species on both tidal phases. Aside from the incredible fishing, the scenery and wild beauty of the surf is like no other and can often distract from the fishing itself.

  • Alphonse Island Fishing New 31 December - 7 January 2017

    Often a new year begins with plans and expectations of great things. For the Alphonse Fishing Co. team this attitude is nothing new, this is how we feel about the fishing going into every new week. 2016 was full of fish and loads of unbelievable stories. 2017 is definitely promising to be the same and even better, with big projects on the horizon the team is full of excitement.

  • Alphonse Island Fishing News 10 – 17 December 2016 – Milks,Permit, Triggers and GT’

    An Alphonse sunrise is one of the most spectacular sightings behold as the sun rises above an endless horizon, split by a white haze of surf, sand and blue ocean. The weather was mostly stable and the tides immense with some of the lowest drops this year. To the extent that some coral heads that the most seasoned guides had never seen before made an appearance. The inner flats dried up completely at times which meant that the teams mostly headed off to the surf to enjoy the cool pushing tides that made the fishing exceptional.

  • Alphonse Island Fishing News 14 - 21 January 201

    At the half way point of the Alphonse Island 2016-17 season, one very important thing to notice is the remarkable consistency of the fishing. Certain weeks ebb and flow in favor of different species but the bottom line is that this fishery still maintains some of the most incredible saltwater fly fishing available anywhere. AFC flats guides are fortunate to be exposed to one of the world’s most pristine saltwater environments every single day. However they are all fishermen at heart and still get excited when they see clouds of bonefish on beautiful white sand, tailing triggers or charging GTs. The adrenaline rushes are endless and they are what keep the AFC guides going throughout a long season.

  • Alphonse Island Fishing News 17-24 December 2016

    The Alphonse festive season began with the run up to Christmas, a packed house at the hotel and a full complement of anglers out on the flats. The entire extended family was together, big ‘flats lunches’, mega snorkels and beach rugby. This is what makes the festive season on Alphonse as special as it is. As well as all the activities out on the water the atmosphere at the bar and restaurant was something to savour with groups of people from all over the world around a table sharing stories and telling tall tales of the fishing that day.

  • Alphonse Island Fishing News 22 – 29 October 2016

    No words can describe the sense of anticipation on board the mother ship as she enters St Francois atoll, allowing all on board to get a first glimpse of the vast expanse of turquoise blue water that make up St Francois. After the sensational permit fishing last week the entire team were really excited to see what would be on offer this week.
    A calm breeze kept things cool throughout the week. Slower tides can often mean warm water; however, because of the way the atoll fills up on a pushing tide the warm water generally gets pushed into the lagoon or outside the atoll leaving the flats covered in water that is cool and gin clear. It is this water that guides look for, “the Spot” can be a relative term, but if you can find good, clean, cold water you find the fish.

  • Alphonse Island Fishing News 3 – 10 December 2016

    Seeing St Francois atoll for the first time usually makes a profound impression on all of our guests. As you enter the lagoon a vast array of sand and seagrass flats open up before you each one as enticing as the other. The unparalleled beauty of this atoll is almost as memorable as the actual fishing.    

  • Alphonse Island Fishing News: 5 - 12 November 2016

    This week saw the tidal movement slowly shift from spring tides to neaps resulting in slower water movement, a type of tide is more conducive to fishing the inside of the lagoon, especially targeting the vast coral finger flats that span the width of the atoll. The weather did prove to be a nuisance early on in the week making the fishing slightly trickier than expected so a huge tip of the hat goes out to all of the guests for remaining positive and in good spirits despite the tougher conditions.

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    Alphonse News 28 Mar – 4 Apr 15 – Bonefish Bonanza

    Alphonse is synonymous for its magnificent Bonefish population as well as the sheer diversity of predatory fish that feed on these shallow water speedsters